Saturday, August 18, 2012

Welcome to 2 for U

Last week at the Efrat Women's Health Center, we discussed our health accomplishments from the week before. I told our group that while I was on vacation with my family, I decided to get up early every day, and go walking/running.
I told the gang that I wanted to do something for myself.
Our social worker Alizah Shapiro jumped in, "Wow!!! I can't believe it. I remember when you used to say that you couldn't do this or that, because you had to worry about everyone else."
Our nutritionist Judy Kizer added, "This is amazing, Sharon. You did something for yourself!! Yay."
So, it made me think of all of you - all of you women, who like me, do everything for everyone else, ahead of yourself.
From the time we're children, our default position is that of a nurturer. We care for others, we care about others. Well, we've got to care about ourselves as well.
Most of us are so busy, we won't take time to pamper ourselves. And our answer to doing anything creative, fun, spiritual, relaxing for ourselves is...."I don't have time."

Well, everyone's got 2 minutes - even you.
So, because I understand that life is hectic, and you're always on overload, I would like to give you some ideas to give you two minutes for yourself.
Please take them. Actually, I'll give you a list. So, if you've really got only two minutes, pick one from the list.
And if you've got more time...treat yourself to whichever suits your fancy.
They might be simple, funny, silly, spiritual, out-of-the-box. They're just ideas from me to you.
Advice from One Friend to Another
I am not a doctor or a social worker or a nutritionist or an exercise instructor. I am a regular person, who is trying to do her best to have a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life. And I want you to join me. (And if there's something technical or medical, etc., I'll ask an expert.)

Pick One or As Many As You Like:
Say This: 
Start your first morning with these words. "Thank you, G-d, for giving me life. Thank you for my mother/father/sister/brother/husband/daughter/son. Please watch over us all and bless us. Thank you."
Do This: 
Look in the mirror. Make a giant smile. It will give you a positive outlook for the rest of the day.
Write This:
Write a friend a note. If you're on Facebook, then show at least one person on your list that you're a real friend, not just a FBF. Just say, "Hi, I hope you're well. Just wanted to stay in touch. Have a great end of summer." You might even take a photo with your phone, and send it.
If you don't have Facebook, write an email to a friend in your Address Book. Friends are important. They share your thoughts, keep you young, and are folks who care about you. Show them you care too.
Try This: 
A Computer dance - Stand up from your chair now. Put your right foot forward. Tap the ball of your foot. Step back in place. Put your left foot forward. Tap the ball of your foot. Step back in place. Keep going. Do it faster. Do it slower. Two minutes of dance. You'll feel great.
Ask This: 
(Ask Yourself) What's the best thing that happened to me yesterday?
Watch This: (you can start at :20 if you've only got exactly 2 minutes)

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