Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Say This: 
“You're the best.”
You ARE the best!! 
Remember the song, "You've got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and don't mess with Mr. In-Between."
Show your approval to your spouse/ friend/ child/ parent. Your positivity will pay off. Call them good, they will be good and even better. Whether "John" has just walked the dog, come home from school or work, picked something up at the supermarket or folded the laundry, a smiley and sincere "You're the best!" will raise his self-esteem, and encourage him to live up to your expectations.
Do This: 
Taste something new. Whether it's a new flavor of Arizona Tea, boiled beets, or roasted eggplant, tasting something new doesn't just introduce you to a new food, it adds a bit of variety and excitement to your life. You might not like whatever it is, but at least you showed courage and a bit of imagination.
Write This:
(On your weekly shopping list): Chocolate.
Everyone loves chocolate for: family fun, celebrating anything, calming our nerves. Well, a piece of chocolate really does pep you up.  Buy chocolate - 60%, 70%, as high as your taste buds will allow - and enjoy a cube a day. Dark chocolate has anti-oxidants and calming lactones. Milk chocolate triggers good-feeling serotonin.
Try This: 
A Computer dance 3 - Stand up from your chair now. Do 4 heel digs (that means instead of tapping your toe, tap your heel on to the floor). Right heel - step back again, left heel - step back again, right heel - step back again, left heel - step back again. Lift your knees 4 times ("the higher the better" - that's what our Efrat Women's Health Center exercise teacher Lainie Richler said yesterday). Lift right knee, left knee, right knee left knee. Do 3 shimmies. Shimmy to the left, clap, shimmy to the right clap, shimmy to the left clap. SMILE. Speed it up. Two minutes of dance. You're the best!
Ask This: 
(Ask Yourself or anyone else) Is there anything at which I/you can try harder?
Then try.
Watch This: 
In memory of Phyllis Diller, who recently passed away at age 95. Phyllis made everyone laugh, but she was always ready to try something new, and work hard at it.

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