Monday, August 20, 2012


Say This:
“Anything can happen today. May it be for the good.” 
You see, anything CAN happen today. Let’s be optimistic about it. It might be 100% good, or we might only understand a long time from now that it really was for our own good. 
Do This: 
Hug someone. 
Hug your spouse/ parent/ child/ best friend/ someone who just complimented your shoes :). Everyone needs a hug once in a while - little babies, teenagers, busy professionals, grandparents. Hugs not only feel great, but they'll help you live longer. No kidding. (I just looked it up - More info:
Write This: 
(On your weekly shopping list): Carrots, cucumbers, celery.
You’ll be prepared for those moments when you want to grab something other than a cookie. 
Try This: 
Computer Dance 2 - Stand up from your chair now. Walk 3 steps right and then clap. Right left right clap. Walk 3 steps left and then clap. Left right left clap. Do that at least twice, and then go for the chorus…Stamp clap on your right (like at a hoe down). Stamp clap stamp clap stamp clap clap. Two minutes of dance. You'll feel great. 
Ask This: 
(Ask Yourself) How can I brighten someone else’s day today?
It will brighten yours too. 
Watch This: 


  1. "a hug is the perfect gift,
    No two hugs are alike,they really are one size fits all,
    And no one minds if you return them"