Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Do This: 
Walk outside. Go out into the fresh air. Leave your office, the laundry, your dishes behind for two minutes. Walk through your garden.
Say This:
"Trees, you are beautiful. Flowers, you are so colorful and bright." 
I don't only talk to my flowers and trees. I even touch their leaves and admire them. Folks say I have an extraordinarily lovely garden. They constantly ask about Josh Hyman, our gardener. I tell them that Josh is great! In addition, our secret ingredient is my husband's care, plus our sincere love of our garden, and the fact that I talk to our plants.
No, my shoes are not tied too loosely. My grandmother, may she rest in peace, was a plant whisperer, and I inherited her talent in that respect. I'm telling you. Talk to your plants, and let me know if you see a positive difference in a few weeks.
Write This:
(On your weekly shopping list): ABC - African, Brazilian and Columbian coffee. Try a different flavor every day. Just a little change like this adds a bit of zing into your day.
Try This:
Take off your shoes. Rub your toes. Rub the bottoms of your feet. You don't need a session with a reflexologist to feel great. When no one is watching, :) rub your toes and treat yourself to two minutes of easy relaxation.
Ask This:
Is my child ready for the new school year? 
If you feel s/he's not, then do everything you can to make sure you help him/her start the new year on the best possible foot.
Watch This:
You'd be surprised what information you can learn if you can make it fun. Yael and Dan Goldstein's CD Tremendous Earth is another example of learning anything if you sing about it.

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