Thursday, August 23, 2012


Do This: 
Be silly. Put on something nutty. Make funny faces. Don a silly hat. Twirl in a circle.
Life can be so heavy and serious sometimes. Troubles abound in all our lives. Once in a while we need to be silly, to lighten the atmosphere around us, to cheer up a sick friend, to have fun with your child or just to give yourself a deserved break from the real world for two minutes. Be silly. Laugh at yourself. You’ll feel great.
Today, as I was acting silly with my grandbabies, the doorbell rang, and without changing my attire, I answered. Imagine my surprise at the quizzical face of National Home Knesset Party Candidate Jeremy Gimpel that greeted me outside my door. When my unexpected guest Jeremy saw me looking quite odd, he tried pretty well to keep his composure. I told him that I was "being silly" with my grandchildren. He smiled understandingly, but he was probably silently humming the music to the Twilight Zone. Dee dah da dee dee dah da.
Say This:
I will be myself!”
We spend so much time trying to please others, trying to live up to others’ expectations, or trying to impress others. We’ve got to stop. We’ve got to be ourselves, the best ourselves we can be, and let folks realize how special the genuine-we really are.
Write This:
Write out a dinner menu for next week.
It’s so much easier to make dinner every night when you know what you’ll be serving. Save yourself from the last minute kitchen-hysterias by planning out next week’s meals, so you can shop for next week’s food, and schedule time to cook next week’s dinners.
Try This:
Climb under your computer desk. Do your computer cables look like a backdrop for some horror film? Gather together all those zillions of cords behind your computer and pass them through an empty toilet paper or paper towel tube. This will keep them organized, neat, and easier to find when you need them.
Ask This:
What public person would I want to emulate?” What are the characteristics of that person that attract me? When you figure out what you find special about that role model, try to adopt some of those characteristics.
With school about to begin, summer is more or less over. Sigh. We can’t let our beloved summer end without a proper send-off. This link leads to Carmen Miranda and the Andrew Sisters singing the hit “Cuanto le Gusta” – What a Happy Time.
This is my family's official travel song. Everyone from our youngest to our oldest sings this song at the start of every trip. Before we say good-bye to the summer, let’s hear it again.

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